We know that taking out a loan can be a big deal, so we know how important it is that our customers are well informed. We aim to be completely open and up-front about all of our fees and charges.

Here is a list of our compulsory interest rates, fees, and charges…

Interest Rate 9.95% – 19.95% p.a.
Establishment Fee
Top Up Fee
Early Repayment Fee
(only applies if you pay your loan off early)
PPSR Search and Registration Fee
(for secured loans only – per security interest we take)
Monthly Account Fee $8

Should you miss a repayment, the following default interest rates, fees and charges may apply…

Default Fee $25
Default Electronic Reminder Fee $3
Default Letter Reminder Fee $5
Repossession Warning Notice $35
Default Interest Rate 10% P.A. above your interest rate

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*Tara Finance’s lending criteria, terms, and conditions apply. The actual interest rate and repayment amount are dependent upon your individual application and circumstances, and Tara Finance’s lending criteria, terms, and conditions. Full disclosure of all the terms and conditions and fees and charges associated with your loan will be provided prior to the finalisation of your loan. Fees are usually capitalised over the loan term. Evidence of vehicle/asset insurance will be required for secured loans.

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